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Our services

Why us?
Incredible value for the price.
Hands down. By buying directy from the manufacturer, you get an incredible price. No salesman, no distributor, only you and us.
Free shipping? Of course!
Your merchandise will be sent from Italy directly to your door. We worry about customs so you don't have to, and you'll still get US-based support, invoicing, and payment services.
When you need help you want it quickly. Our support is the best you can get: fast, easy and efficient. Available online 24/7 plus free shipping of replacement parts.
Exclusive dealership.
We offer you exclusitvity in your area. You won't need to worry about competition. We care about who sells our products, we care about your success.
Our easy to use e-shop is constantly updated with new, always fashionable collections. We also provide you with free advertising material.
Become our partner
If you are an independent optician looking for an exclusive and 100% guaranteed product, Thema is the best choice. Like more than 10.000 opticians, you will be able to enjoy our collections and our services. And, of course, our prices!
You're not just buying eyeglasses
We're creating a partnership. We want your buisness to succeed because when you're successful, we're successful. With 3 new collections every year and a dedicated reaserch, design and development team, you'll be sure to always make the best choice.
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Any questions? Feel free to contact us!